Pandemic saga of crumbly fruit pies continues

    Very Lovely Blueberry and Peach Crumble -- Deadly Delicious Banankapple Crumble

    LAST YEAR, make-up maven and beauty queen maker Giovanni Lazaro Flores shifted from the glitzy, glamorous world and evolved to become a sausage maker and a baker of delicious crumbly fruit pies, not necessarily by choice but by circumstances brought about by the global pandemic.

    So what’s up with Giovanni’s Kitchen. Well, his Supreme Garlic Longganiza has temporarily stopped production because of prohibitively high prices of meat products in the market.

    Giovanni hopes to resume production once significant rollback in prices occur.

    But he’s up with new variants of his to-die-for crumbly fruit pies.

    Western flavor meets eastern flair in the Deadly Delicious Banankapple Crumble. Yes, it’s a deadly delicious fusion of old-time American and Filipino classic desserts – the crunchy cinnamon-laced US apple varieties and the juicy goodness of caramelized banana-langka bite-sized chunks. The local flavor of our sun-ripened bananas definitely gives the apple pie an interestingly unique twist especially when the sweet distinct flavour of langka hits your taste buds as it compliments our rich, buttery crust and streusels on top! It’s heaven in every bite and so filling!

    Peach and blueberry lovers out there will absolutely love this latest offering from Giovanni’s Kitchen – the Very Lovely Blueberry and Peach Crumble. This western classic is bursting with juicy flavour and made more palatable to the Filipino taste as we bring the very first blueberry and peach-based dessert in the country! The succulent, mildly-sweet fruit filling of chunky California Peaches and Baguio Blueberries sit inside our signature buttery, crumbly homemade pie crust that is so heavenly delicious! From the rich buttery pie crust and streusel toppings to the juicy peaches and sweet blueberries. This is definitely the finest comfort food to try and gift your loved ones this Valentine’s Day. Our secret ingredients – just simple, freshly-baked, old-fashioned homemade pie goodness that’s sprinkled with lots of LOVE! Rest assured that our Very Lovely Blueberry and Peach Crumble will be love at first bite!

    Other best-selling variants such as the Sinfully Delicious French Apple Crumble, Luscious Peaches & Mangoes Crumble and Delectable Buco Langka Crumble are also available.

    For inquiries and orders, please like Giovanni’s Kitchen Facebook page and send a private message. Or text 09531138799.