Organic cosmetics and skin care online company launched


    A NEW organic cosmetics and skin care company – Bakku2Basik – was recently launched together with its attractive special promo for its customers that runs from December 1, 2020 up to January 15, 2021.

    Bakku2Basik ambassador and “My Day: The Series” lead actor, social media influencer and breakthrough star of 2020, Iñaki Torres was introduced at the event.

    Bakku2BasiK Manila or B2BM is an organic cosmetics & skincare online company that introduces products based on pure and natural organic ingredients.

    Coming from its tagline “Living the Basics” all of its products are produced from the best natural component of plants and flowers that do not result in skin irritation at all – natural and safe for men, women, and even children.

    Bakku2Basik also understands the need of its customers for safety and convenience during this time of pandemic, hence all of its products are available online at affordable prices, delivered straight to the consumers.

    Currently, 6 skin care products are out in the market: Activated Bamboo Charcoal Toothpaste, made from coco cider and activated bamboo charcoal; Organic Mouthwash from apple and coco cider vinegar; Organic Ointment & Liniment, to soothe muscle pain; Organic Feminine Wash, made of apple and coco cider vinegar; Coco-cider Ultra Whitening Soap from coco & apple cider vinegar; and Coco-Cider Insta-whitening lotion.

    B2BM also boasts of top-notch quality fragrance line for men and women, called Basic Essence – Anthos, Eau De Maree, Odeur Du Soir, Marguerite, Reverie, Kastori, Citrone, Pomme Rouge, Passionne, and Lumiere.

    The much-awaited Bakku2Basik Mobile App was also launched and the promo that will give customers a chance to win P100,000 plus 5 winners of 20,000 to be drawn on January 20, 2021.