Online learning at home


    DUE to the enhanced community quarantine in many parts of the Philippines, schools are faced with closures and cancelled activities. In a report, UNICEF cited that “almost 90 per cent or 1.5 billion of the world’s students are now affected by nationwide school closures due to the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19).”

    This has impacted the lives of children and teachers in such a way that their learning and teaching methods have shifted online. Families have embraced online learning to ensure that children continue their education at home and parents’ role has become central to this

    Parents play a central role to a student’s education. Now more than ever, this is the best time for parents to maximize their bonding activities with their children by making them a learning experience as well. UNICEF encourages parents to have one-on-one time with children and create flexible but consistent daily routines with them. This will also help children to create a balance between studying and playing at home, and not to feel stressed or pressured by the home-school situation.

    School time can be fun as it helps children grow their social skills. Online learning has disrupted the traditional way of teaching and social interaction between teachers and students. It has, however, presented opportunities for teachers to explore different teaching methods such as online journals, audio books, video conferences or live class sessions.

    Teachers can bring the outside world to the students at home by encouraging them to read books, watch educational videos, be social by continuously interacting with schoolmates and teachers online, and continue learning at home.

    There are many creatives ways to learn online to make the experience more interesting and effective for parents and kids. Kids may enhance their skills such as cooking, arts and crafts, singing or playing musical instruments.

    To ensure that students will be able to continue their education via online learning, PLDT Home Wifi Prepaid has become more affordable particularly for students and teachers. PLDT Home Wifi Prepaid is now at Php795, a special offer for students and teachers nationwide until December 2020.  All they have to do is present their valid student or teachers ID to avail of the offer.