Newest Pinoy snack favorites

    Lito Chua, Yan Yan International (Phils.) Inc. president.
    Lito Chua, Yan Yan International (Phils.) Inc. president.

    YAN YAN International (Phils.) Inc. has brought together the perfect ingredients for its newest snack brands in the market: Wackie Corn Chips and Harry Chocolate Bars.

    Apart from the crunchiness of the natural corn in Wackie’s chips, it is the first salted-egg corn chips in the market, while Harry’s bars have the sweetness of the finest chocolate whipped up in the company’s food labs to match the highest international standards.

    Besides the Salted Egg, Wackie also has Cheese, BBQ, Hot Chili, Wasabi and Turkey variants, while Harry has Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate and Milk Chocolate with Rice Crispies.

    Lito Chua, Yan Yan president, said the company sources the best ingredients, finds the best technology that processes the food, and guarantees they are safe, healthy and fun to eat.

    Yan Yan has a plethora of snacks that has catered to the Filipino taste for decades.

    Customers who see Wackie and Harry on the shelves for the first time assume these were manufactured overseas.

    Wackie’s long, soft cover calls out to the consumer, as if wanting to be plucked off, and its dark sheen speaks of class and quality. Harry’s combination of black and gold sheen projects uniqueness and royalty.

    These brands, with convenient and easy to carry packaging, are made for hungry customers who want to feel special while enjoying their snacks.

    Chua loves Filipino food that he went into many restaurants, diners and carinderia to understand what Filipinos love.

    He said one must meet the customer where he is, doing the best to give him what he needs and

    The company will continue to show what its snacks and beverages can do for the local market.

    “Maybe it’s about time that the rest of the world can enjoy the same experience,” Chua pointed out.

    Chua frequently travels to find out what people need as well as to understand the latest technology and study the processes that can improve the company’s products.

    Explaining the “OK” logo which is found in all of the company’s products, he said the image of a bright sun shining down on happy people inhabiting a growing landscape speaks of “a bright future, the rewards of determination, and continuing prosperity.”

    Chua hopes to see customers happy while enjoying Yan Yan’s products, saying each product has a theme that is founded on the idea that has helped him succeed.

    Harry was named after his son and refers to the Filipino concept of developing into a leader and a winner in all the circumstances of one’s life.

    Wackie, on the other hand, is an invitation to have fun, enjoy what life gives, and be grateful for every blessing.

    Chua said one must continue to learn and be open in order to develop himself, his products, and the organization.