New treatment for various hair types

    David Charlton
    David Charlton

    DAVID’S SALON has recently launched Foliage, its new natural and professional hair care that is inspired by nature, tested by professionals, influenced by clients, and motivated by stylists.

    David Charlton, the salon’s chief executive officer, said in an interview that the new product line thrives in the diversity of hair needs. Foliage, which is effortless, high quality, uncomplicated, hardworking, efficient, and affordable, has products suited for various hair types.

    Charlton said his salon delivers great products and services, sans overcharging the clients. Besides the affordability, it also ensures correct product usage.

    The hairdresser looks at the client’s hair condition and then recommends the appropriate Foliage product. “While Foliage is not right for every customer, however, it is right for most of customers,” he pointed out.

    Senior hair stylists
    Senior hair stylists

    Well-received by many of its clients, Foliage is rolled out at all David’s Salon outlets. “The staff like it because it is not harsh to use,” he said, adding that clients could ask for it when in the salon.

    He noted the beauty of products made of natural ingredients, saying that going green embraces sustainability. “It goes back into the earth and regrows. However, it also means that the brand does a great job, works well for one’s hair, as well as use again.”

    “We kept the products as natural as possible. We use recyclable containers, as well as ingredients that are not harmful to the environment,” Charlton noted. He saw a market that is looking for new hair care solutions and “Foliage, which is exclusively sold inside David’s Salon, is the nicest one for one’s hair.”

    Everybody likes to have a nice hair. “Our clients have always been the young who are fashion conscious. Many of our clients have been with us for a long time, but we also managed to get their children,” he added.

    David’s always uses the best products available. “We always have promotions in the salon and specials will be put out for various times of the year,” he said, noting that clients would realize how good Foliage is than buying something off the shelf in the supermarket.

    Charlton said that it is both interesting and challenging to run a business in the local market. “Clients have become much more sophisticated and interested in what they have,” he said, adding the country is becoming fashion-forward.

    Being in the business for three decades, Charlton is passionate about what he does and enjoys doing his job.

    “I like working with the old and new product suppliers, teaching the staff and more importantly, giving the clients what they want,” he said, adding that when he finds something new, he does not just rest on his laurels.