‘Neue Romanticism’


    Romanticism may be best understood not as a movement, but as a mind-set. The artists of the Romantic period were united by their determination to use their art to convey emotion or provoke an emotional response from audiences. Romanticism fundamentally changed the prevailing attitudes toward nature, emotion, reason and even the individual.

    The works for “Neue Romanticism” can be described as a juxtaposition of complexity and simplicity, as with love; and are filled with strong emotional content based on each artist’s perception, expectations, and experiences. Love is captured through the vulnerability, strength, and romance illustrated through the artists’ use of colors, elements, and themes.

    Romanticism was an artistic and intellectual movement which took place in Europe between the late eighteenth and mid-nineteenth centuries. Understood broadly as a break from the guiding principles of the Enlightenment – which established reason as the foundation of all knowledge – the Romantic Movement emphasized the importance of emotional sensitivity and individual subjectivity.

    For “Neue Romanticism”, imagination, rather than reason, is the most important creative faculty. The exhibition is a captivating amalgamation of the creative minds’ eye and innovative use of various media and color, resulting in a fascinating display, capturing the warmth, charm and beauty of romance.

    “Neue Romanticism”, with works by Presidential Medal of Merit Awardee Juvenal Sanso, Dominic Rubio, Barbara Angeles, Caress Banson, Joy Calanasan, Darwin Guevarra, Dr. Ronnie Lim, Art Lozano, Marge Organo, Michael Pastorizo, Aljo Pingol, Toym Imao, Camille Ver, and Ombok Villamor hosted by Galerie Joaquin, will run from February 4 to 14, 2021 at R1, Bridgeway, Power Plant Mall, Makati City.