Native delicacies made more special during ECQ


    NATIVE rice cakes are all-time favorites among Filipinos for merienda but trust successful entrepreneurs mother-and-daughter tandem Loreta Co and Wendi Co to come up with recipes with a twist that make them very special.

    Loreta, a Nutrition graduate of UST and shareholder of Kokuryu Cosmetics Philippines, and her daughter Wendi, a BS Chemistry graduate of De La Salle University who is into the transportation business, have come up with a recipe while experimenting with their cooking during the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ).

    The amazing result led to the birth of Lorwins Specialties, called such from a combination of their first names.

    “My mom and I love to cook, experimenting with different ingredients and combinations to come up with dishes and desserts with a twist during the ECQ,” shared Wendi.

    One such recipe is a Pinoy all-time favorite merienda: bibingkang malagkit (or strictly speaking, kalamay) made of sticky rice (malagkit) flour (galapong) that is finely grounded and pure coconut milk (sasang gata, no water added) that gives the rice cake a distinct texture.

    “The amount and time of heat as well as how it is evenly mixed is our secret technique,” hinted Wendi. “It is guaranteed fresh as it is made to order,” she added.

    “First, we gave it to friends but it has become a thriving business and we hope to continue to improve on it,” said Loreta. “Since we started taking orders last May 25, we have already breached the 700 mark for the number of orders in just one and a half months.”

    Lorwin’s Specialties Bibingkang Malagkit comes in two variants – original and the new chocolate flavor that uses high quality cocoa. And it is topped by savory latik (coconut milk curd).

    The original flavor is available in whole (7×7) for Php 219 and half size for Php 119. Add Php 25 for latik overload.

    The Dark Chocolate flavor is in half sizes only for Php 159.

    You can also try the 2-in-1 combo (half original, half chocolate) for Php 279.

    For orders and inquiries, visit them at their Facebook Page Lorwin Specialties and Instagram @lorwinspecialties. Please advise one day before the preferred delivery date.