Most-awaited romcom film now showing

    (From left) Chris Cahilig, Coleen Garcia and Edgar Allan Guzman
    (From left) Chris Cahilig, Coleen Garcia and Edgar Allan Guzman

    THE most-awaited film “Mia” by award-winning director Veronica Velasco is a refreshing and fun take on the usual romantic-comedy and “hugot” films.

    Produced by Insight 360 Films in partnership with Viva Films, the feel-good movie revolves around Mia, portrayed by Coleen Garcia, who became alcoholic following her partner’s tragic death. Later, she was pursued by forester and environmental advocate Jay, a character portrayed by Edgar Allan Guzman.

    Chris Cahilig, the film’s executive producer and Insight 360 Films president, said it was a long journey for the people behind the film, from conceptualization to the shooting. The movie’s beautifully crafted trailer garnered close to 12 million views.

    Cahilig described the creation of commercial films as quite challenging and that these are unpredictable when marketed.

    The movie imparts many trivial facts about the environment and climate change, helping viewers realize that they have responsibilities to care for the planet.

    Cahilig said Velasco and Jinky Laurel are eco-warriors who were able to send a message through the film, as he gave them creative leeway to mention pressing environmental issues.

    He believes in the same ideals saying that love for the environment is a message people, throughout history, would appreciate.

    The film also teaches viewers to acknowledge and accept the pains life brings, learn to heal and start anew.

    Cahilig said he has wanted to produce commercial films which should be done by someone he is comfortable with. “I know her, I like her, and I love her,” Cahilig said of Velasco.

    He said he was fortunate to work with Velasco, a perfectionist and a master of her craft who presents different perspectives in her works.

    “I learned many things from her. While I am a storyteller and not a filmmaker per se, seeing her in action has enriched me as a person,” Cahilig said.

    “We have a great cast and everything fell in the right place,” he added, noting he can recall a film frame by frame when it is done beautifully.

    He also said a good story must be told in a way that is sincere and it must be technically polished, too.

    Cahilig eyes to finally direct his first full length film this year. “It will be my story and I am collaborating with a director friend,” he said.

    Insight 360 Films held the first “National Mia Day” last January 15 at SM Megamall’s Cinema 12 in honor of women whose names are similar to the film’s main protagonist.

    “The moment we posted the trailer of ‘Mia’ on Facebook and YouTube, we’ve noticed so many people tagging their friends and relatives named Mia,” said Cahilig. This gave them the idea to celebrate the special day.

    Cahilig and Velasco plan to do another movie this year.