More than just a cool camera


    FUJIFILM Philippines has introduced up-and-coming young stars Angelina Cruz, Leila Alcasid and Ylona Garcia as the new faces of instax, particularly for Mini 9 and LiPlay which are more than just cool cameras.

    With an instax camera, events become magical and generous moments are created.

    Angelina Cruz, the eldest daughter of actress Sunshine Cruz, grew up using instax which enables her to capture valued memories. Thus, Cruz just had to say yes when she was asked to be one of the instax ambassadors.

    “It didn’t feel like work at all,” she said, describing the shoot for the intax video with her friends Leila and Ylona. Each moment was fun as they were able to use the instax in between the layouts.

    Cruz said she likes the Blush Gold color as it fits her girly personality and the Smoky White color that matches everything. “Fujifilm made the instax very innovative and found ways to create quick and fun physical memories on the go,” she said.

    She was amazed when briefed about the sound function, one of the new features wherein one can hear what is happening and be in the moment.

    Because she loves taking pictures, Leila Alcasid, daughter of singer-songwriter Ogie Alcasid, received instax as a Christmas present from her parents. She loves its instantaneous aspect as it allows one to have a physical photo.

    “We didn’t feel we were working because we were just playing around and taking photos in between,” she said of the shoot.

    Alcasid loves the look of instax, especially the Stone White color, as well as the authentic vibe it gives to the photos. “I always bring it and use it in case I want to take photos,” she said.

    “White is a staple in my wardrobe and even when you look at my Instagram, majority of the background is white,” she added, noting she is able to inject colors in neutral colors.

    She also likes the Yellow handy and convenient instax as it is her favorite color, relating it to the sun which makes her happy and bright. “Many cameras can be very confusing, but this one is user-friendly,” she related.

    “It is very unique because you can record a little song and someone can hear what was playing during that time,” she added.

    As for actress-singer Ylona Garcia, it took a while before she got her instax and expressed her pleasure in becoming one of its ambassadors.

    “It is really great to have an intax if you really want to create memories on the go because of the physical photo,” she said, noting the captured moments don’t just last for seconds. “You can keep it with you forever.”

    When she feels sad and misses her loved ones due to her demanding lifestyle, Garcia looks at their physical photos she took using her camera.

    Garcia chose the black color of instax, as this best represents her personality. “It is a mysterious color and at the same time, contrasts anything,” she said. Just like Alcasid, she also likes the Yellow color because it makes her happy.

    “One of my favorites about instax is that, it has an app where you can take photos using your phone and use the app to direct print,” she stressed.

    At the #instaxHangouts event, the company officially rolled out its “Don’t just take, give” global campaign, which encourages instax users to be colorful, fun, real and generous. It also empowers them to share their creativity, imagination and point of view to people and the world.

    Arts and crafts fanatics are in for a treat as instax will be releasing the instax Mini 9 Craft Kit in partnership with Craft Easy soon. Priced at P4,499, it will include Mini 9 camera, Mini glossy 10s, 10 pieces colorful wooden clips, 2 pcs. washi tapes and 24 pcs. of photo corner stickers.