Mang Inasal collaborates with Paulina Luz Sotto for its 600th store symbols


    How can a canvas full of intricate lines and shapes convey a profound message? To visual artist Paulina Luz Sotto, the power of lines in abstraction are simple elements imbued with their own beauty.

    The Gridlock pattern
    The Gridlock pattern

    For most of her life, being an artist never really crossed Paulina’s mind. Despite growing up under the same roof with her National Artist grandfather Arturo Luz, she somehow believed that her chances of working full-time in the art industry were slim. A child to TV Host Vic Sotto and former actress Angela Luz, Paulina graduated cum laude from the Ateneo de Manila University with a degree in Communication. It was not until December 2015 when she discovered her fascination with lines. Eventually, an old friend asked if her abstract paintings were for sale, and that’s when her career in visual arts began.

    In celebration of Mang Inasal’s 600th store milestone, Chicken Inasal collaborated with Paulina Luz Sotto for the store marker and jeepney art installation. The jeepney symbolizes the journey of Mang Inasal towards becoming a national icon in the quick service restaurant industry, with its truly Pinoy offerings and celebration of the Filipino dining culture.

    Paulina Luz Sotto refers to the final design used for Mang Inasal’s store marker and jeepney art as “The Gridlock.”

    Paulina Luz Sotto
    Paulina Luz Sotto

    “It is a play on different shapes and colors. I call this series Gridlock — not in reference to a traffic gridlock. To me, the imperfect shapes fit together in a way that they can’t be moved or adjusted, hence the series title. Aside from its clean aesthetic, the shapes also represent the different elements of Mang Inasal, big and small, coming together to form one cohesive unit. It may not be perfect, but it works,” shares Sotto.

    The 28-year-old painter also said that even when she spent so much time with her grandfather, he really did not teach her technical things about art. “We’re both Scorpios. We like to be alone when we work, so he never tried to influence me in any way to be an artist.”

    To Paulina, she just hopes that in the long-term, she would still be doing what her busy hands are on right now. “I just want to keep painting, to follow what I’m feeling.”

    Paulina Luz Sotto is now dedicated to her pursuit as a full-time visual artist. Having had three successful solo exhibits and a few collective art shows, Sotto has now sold hundreds of abstract paintings in a span of 4 years. Well-known for their clean lines, all Paulina’s paintings center on one belief: beauty in simplicity.

    Mang Inasal’s 600th store opened its doors last November 8 in Tambo, Lipa City, Batangas, hometown of Paulina’s grandfather, the national artist.