Mandiators by Jojo Bragais: Why blend in if you can stand out?


    FOR some men out there, have you experienced feeling small next to your friends, or at times, feeling insecure because your girlfriend is a little bit taller than you are, or you just feel like you are so tiny?

     Pageant heel maker Jojo Bragais, also known as “King of the Heel,” confessed that he, too, once felt that way. “I myself have been there and trust me when I was younger, I tried the capsule that’s supposed to help you grow taller or that yellow thing na nilalagay sa kanin so I could somehow resolve the issue,” he related.

    “Now that I am doing shoes, it’s a little bit of an advantage because I can address my own little insecurities about my height. So I created my own set of slides which I call Mandiators; they are comfy, fashion forward, cool looking, and above all, able to boost your height by two (2) inches in a snap.

    “I keep using them during my travels and trust me, they’re an eye catcher. Using them makes me really proud but above all, gives me confidence. It gives that pogi feeling you have like walking on the street feeling taller than you actually are…it’s priceless!

    “So I wanna share that same joy I have experienced wearing my simple Mandiators and sympathize with men with height issues like me.”

    So if you ever feel the same way Jojo did, with that tiny pinch to yourself and you want a solution at least, get your own Mandiators for only Php 1,999, free shipping nationwide.

    You can message Jojo Bragais on his official FB Page BRAGAIS SHOES or official Instagram account Bragais_official, or call (0917)149 0862 for faster transaction.

    Why blend in if you can stand out?!