Managing stress in children during quarantine


    Children becoming fussy, feeling frustrated or stressed out has become a common scene during the COVID-19 era. The pandemic can be a time when lots of people — including children — are feeling anxious, cranky, or stressed out. Some kids may not be able to identify and communicate their feelings as the world goes through uncertain times.

    To help children in quarantine cope with the anxiety and stress that comes with the coronavirus pandemic, the Philippines’ leading retailer of premium quality natural products, Healthy Options, is hosting a timely webinar.

    The webinar will be held live on July 25, 2020, Saturday, 10am to 11am, via Crowdcast and Facebook Live. Keynote speaker is Dr. Colleen Carlos-Viray, a pediatrician specializing in Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics. She will discuss the signs of stress in young children and what to do about them.

    The webinar will help parents and other elders taking care of children at home learn the best ways to guide children in adjusting to new scenarios brought about by the COVID-19 era — more time at home, less time with peers and new stressors that come with quarantine.

    Healthy Options suggests nurturing kids’ mental, physical and emotional health. Speak to your children about unknowns. Keep them busy with creative play activities and let them thrive. Ditch junk food laden with additives and serve them healthy snacks/meals using natural ingredients, but do not use scare tactics to make them eat.

    Learn other strategies to help children – and yourself – navigate away from feelings of anxiety or pandemic stress. The webinar is aligned with Healthy Options’ vision of helping create a healthier world where people enjoy longer, richer, more fulfilling lives by taking control of their health.