Malabon helps transform stay-at-home moms into ‘E-Nanays’


    The students of this school year are not only the ones adjusting to the “new normal” way of learning. Their parents are also adjusting, learning new skills just to make sure their kids are not left behind in the time of digital learning.

    In Malabon City, moms are the ones mostly at home. During this pandemic, they have become “all-around” moms, becoming the cook, the nurse, the discipline officer, and most especially, the teacher. Moms ensure that their households are not only functional, but safe and free from the virus.  Moms are doing all these tasks and are expected to guide their kids as they undergo remote learning, using electronic gadgets, mobile apps, and digital tools.  The reality, however, is not all moms are equipped to help their kids with online learning.

    “Moms are also the heroes of this pandemic as they have multiple roles. So it is just appropriate and timely to give back to them by equipping them with the necessary skills to survive the digital shift in education,” says Malabon Mayor Lenlen Oreta during the recent launch of the “E-Nanay Tutorial” project.

    The project – a first among local government units (LGUs) – is specifically focused on assisting non-tech-savvy moms. The City of Malabon University Research and Extension Services Office (CMURESO), together with the Ninoy Aquino Elementary School (NAES), is facilitating the program.

    Participants of this 10-day “E-Nanay Tutorial” will learn the basics of operating a computer or laptop, which is useful especially to those who do not have any background in using modern technologies. They will also be taught on how to use various Microsoft programs such as Word and Excel, and how to help their children in online learning, such as the mechanics for a Zoom meeting, or how to record and basic edit videos.  There is also an extensive training on the use of PowerPoint so that they could also help their children do presentations.

    “We are so happy with the response of the nanays. It is truly heartwarming to see them learn new skills. When we taught them how to use PowerPoint, it was really an eye-opener for them. They now feel empowered and ready to help their children,” said Prof. Luisa Tongco, the Assistant Dean of the College of Teacher Education (CTE) of CMU.

    One positive aspect of the program is that the 50 senior CTE students who are helping with the “E-Nanay Tutorial” are now fulfilling the time requirements for their OJT. They don’t have to find other venues to fulfill their OJT requirements or wait for the pandemic to subside, as their assistance in the program ensures that their education is not delayed.

    “Unlike before where knowledge is directly delivered to the students, the facilitators now need to teach it to the parents first, then the parents can convey it to their children,” said Mayor Oreta. “I’m also proud to say that we are the first LGU and local college university (LCU) to implement this kind of project. In the midst of a pandemic, we saw a good opportunity to nurture the knowledge of the parents.”