Makesense to roll out programs for Filipino youth and social entrepreneurs in 2021


    Makesense, a global organization dedicated to mobilizing citizens and supporting entrepreneurs’ social innovations, has rolled out accessible programs that encourage Filipinos to design and act on solutions to relevant issues.

    According to Makesense PH Country Director Léa Klein, within the next decade, they are committed to be a driver for massive, people-driven movements that change the status quo by mobilizing at least 10 percent of the world’s youth around socio-environmental issues. They seek to achieve this through their citizen engagement initiatives and radically collaborating with players all across the board: NGOs, entrepreneurs, organizations, and individuals.

    “We are a community of citizens and organizations that are on a mission to shape a more sustainable, inclusive society for us and our future generations to enjoy. In order to achieve this, we must emphasize the importance of taking collective action,” Klein added.

    To jump start the organization’s roadmap for 2030, Makesense will be introducing both new and redesigned initiatives for millions of Filipinos to access.

    Makesense will launch the adapted version Re-action, an online volunteering program that started in 2020 with pioneering partners SAP Philippines Inc. and Citibank. The first cycle of the rehashed program will open in February 2021, tackling 7 new topics: education, mental health, job security, mobility, climate change, agriculture, and gender issues. This aims to mobilize 10x more young people without leaving their homes with causes that matter to them.

    Health4All Coalition, a project in partnership with Sanofi Philippines, will also be continued in 2021. Under this coalition, pilot programs are designed to empower youth leaders and young doctors to engage local communities towards better health knowledge. The year-long program is set to be relaunched in mid-February 2021.

    Among the new initiatives to be introduced is the Makesense Studio, a platform to re-empower young Filipinos to uplift positive stories from their local communities and become champions of their own advocacies. The project will give tools and an avenue for the youth to be effective storytellers and communicators.

    In May 2021, the organization is set to launch a new civic engagement program that offers paid professional opportunities for the youth to take part in civic engagement.