Made to fit the new lifestyle


    EVERYONE around the world is learning how to function in a completely new environment. Japanese global apparel retailer UNIQLO adapts and keeps up with the times by creating a collection that fits the current need.

    Through this season’s core theme, Sustainable Cities, the clothing brand unites the rest of the world in seeking innovative solutions to urban living for a more sustainable tomorrow with LifeWear, which contributes to a better future by minimizing the environmental impact of clothing while catering to the daily needs of people.

    Also, the new collection presented during the UNIQLO 2020 Fall/Winter Collection online press preview is inspired by concepts impacting customer needs, wants, and aspirations: The Outdoors, Work & Craft, and Art & Design.

    The Outdoors

    Inspired by urban landscapes and recreational areas, the clothing brand combines the outstanding performance of outerwear and sportswear with the liveliness of streetwear to enhance urban lifestyles.

    Its Sport Utility is made with functional and style for sports or everyday wear, while outerwear fabrications are technical, functional, and transitional, protecting people in various climates and weathers.

    Work & Craft

    With Work & Craft, UNIQLO moves consciously towards social sustainability by recycling and upcycling, reducing waste, and maximizing use of resources. This inspires the aesthetics and influences the design language and the choices in the materials of its clothes.

    The individual pieces are modular, versatile, and easy to combine and layer. Designed for functionality and comfort, Work & Craft is simple yet versatile.

    Art & Design

    The Art & Design is about creating a modern uniform that is timeless, urban, and cool, solving the need for something that merges professionalism and chic comfort.

    It is, as always, inspired by the cross pollination that takes place between architecture, furniture, and fashion design.

    The clothing brand’s LifeWear has collaborated with global designers, lifestyle icons and brands that truly embrace the concept of creating products that are accessible to all.
    LifeWear is created with one’s life’s needs in mind – comfort and convenience. From the fabric to the overall function, it is made to fit the new lifestyle.

    This is an experience that people can see and feel; high quality and functional clothing that meets the changing demands of the world today.