Luxury hotel comfort food at an affordable price


    After nearly six months of enduring various quarantine acronyms, the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) continues to plague the nation and batter the economy. Not a single industry has been spared by this unprecedented global crisis, and although a handful of them may suddenly be thriving because of it, the vast majority find themselves struggling to stay afloat in these uncharted waters.

    Fish Filletwith Tartar Sauce

    Winford Manila Resort & Casino (Winford) is no exception, owing to the fact that its primary business is in travel and tourism—arguably the worst hit sector by the pandemic. It is just one of the myriad hotels in the National Capital Region forced to temporarily halt operations in an effort to flatten the so-called curve.

    Determined to not become a COVID casualty, however, an inspired Winford team singled out an opportunity to maximize its resources and move forward—while fully complying with government orders.

    Escabeche Bangus belly

    The luxury casino hotel launched a new food delivery service called Winford on Wheels. Its primary target market is corporate groups or employees of at least 20 people or more, who are looking for variations on their usual canteen meals or packed lunches. At only PHP180 nett per order, the value proposition on offer is quite simply summed up as, “luxury hotel comfort food at an affordable price”.

    Chicken Adobo Confit with har-boiled egg

    “The idea for Winford on Wheels was first inspired by the dozens of inquiries we have received from our patrons asking if we offer a food delivery service,” explained Jeff Evora, Preisdent & Chief Operating Officer, WMRC.

    “Apparently, they have been longing for some of the dishes we cook up at Winford and so in a way, this is actually their brainchild. From there, the concept evolved further and we felt a need to also serve other markets, such as a variety of tasty dishes for different corporate offices and various employees. Based on these insights, we proceeded to craft a menu that would appeal to all segments,” concluded Evora.

    Crispy Pork Binagoongang with Mangga

    Included in the Winford on Wheels delivery menu are Filipino favorites such as crispy pork binagoongan with mangga, lechon kawali with ensaladang mangga, chicken adobo confit with hard-boiled egg, and escabeche bangus belly. Popular international dishes like beef stroganoff, garlic pepper with mushroom gravy, pineapple pork humba, chicken schnitzel with coleslaw, fish fillet with tartar sauce, and roast pork pepper mushroom sauce complete the lineup of mouthwatering cuisine delivered from WMRC’s kitchen straight to your front door.

    Customers can simply call the WMRC hotline at (02) 8528 3600 or send a text message to 0917 878 8670 or 0917 872 8583 and order 2 days in advance so that their food can be delivered.