Luxurious Japanese inspired living

    Federal Land, Lixil, Nomura, Isetan, and SFNBRDC executives sign partnership agreement
    Federal Land, Lixil, Nomura, Isetan, and SFNBRDC executives sign partnership agreement

    CONDOMINIUM projects have mushroomed in the metro in the last few years. Today, there are condominiums on nearly every block, which means that developers have to constantly innovate to differentiate project from the rest.

    For Federal Land Inc., Japan became the inspiration for their latest project, The Seasons Residences. Forming Sunshine Fort North Bonifacio Realty Development Corp. (SFNBRDC) for a new project, Federal Land has tied up with Japan’s leading firms Nomura Real Estate Development Co. Ltd. and Isetan Mitsukoshi Holding Ltd.

    To complete the Japanese touch for the units, the trio joined forces with Lixil Philippines, the country’s distributor of INAX, the world-famous Japanese brand known for its innovative and luxurious bathroom fixtures.

    “This partnership aims to provide the residents of The Seasons with a Japanese-inspired lifestyle experience through impeccable innovations meant to elevate the standards of comfort, convenience, and functionality,” SFNBRDC president Catherine Ko said.

    Lixil Philippines welcomed the partnership as both companies shared the same inspiration and vision. “We are excited to deliver a distinct Japanese cutting-edge shower toilet to the The Seasons Residences. We share the same vision of the developer to build homes of excellent quality inspired by the best aspects of Japan and the Philippines. We look forward to enhancing the residential units with the installation of our automated and manual spalets which ensure hands-free and hygienic bathroom visits,” Lixil Philippines General Manager Alpha Ang said.

    The spalets, a combined term for “spa” and “toilet,” are the flagship products of INAX designed to provide an overall experience of comfort. Some of the features the product line includes are non-scratch and self-cleansing surfaces powered by the Aquaceramics technology, Air Shield Deodorizer and Room Refresh functions that eliminate odors, and a hands-free easy-to-use remote control. These spalets will be installed in the Natsu, Aki, and Fuyu residential towers.

    The Seasons Residence is a 4-tower residential complex utilizing Japanese design and technology. The residences will feature Japanese elements such as an earthquake vibration control technology, smart storage solutions such as a kitchen floor cabinet, a below-floor drainage system for easier pipe maintenance, and other features.

    It will also be the home of the first Mitsukoshi branch in the country. Mitsukoshi is the first Japanese department store brand and the new branch will boast of a uniquely Japanese experience through the signature basement-level supermarket, a selection of boutiques, as well as the best names in global retail.