Lucky plants to ward off bad luck and negative energy

    Lucky Bamboo plant

    ADOPTING a plant seems to be one of the biggest trends this year. Potted plants are in demand now, especially these “lucky plants” that are perceived to bring many good things in health, fortune, and prosperity.

    Jade plant

    Green Centrale offers several plant varieties that signify luck and prosperity. The Lucky Bamboo, known as Sander’s Dracaena, Belgian Evergreen, and Ribbon Plant, among others, is an auspicious plant for the home. It is said to summon fortune, happiness, and prosperity depending on the number of bamboo stalks.

    The Chinese Money Plant is perceived to symbolize fortune and good luck. This lucky plant grows up to a foot tall and is best placed where there is indirect sunlight. The Welcome Plant or Zanzibas Gem is said to represent the glint of gold because of its shiny leaves.

    Snake plant

    Their evergreen, upturned, succulent foliage is said to represent wealth, steadiness, and growth.

    The money tree is probably one of the more well-known lucky plants. It is recommended to place the fortune plant in your workspace, bedroom, or the wealth corner of your home.

    The money tree can grow up to 8ft indoors but up to 60ft when outdoors.

    The Jade Plant goes by other names like Crassula ovata, Money plant, and Lucky plant. The coin or ovate-shaped fleshy leaves create lush succulent foliage on this tree-like money plant. The Jade Plant is a popular gift during weddings, housewarming parties, and for new business owners.

    Welcome plant

    Snake Plants are popular and for good reason. It can bring very helpful feng shui energy when needed in specific areas of a home or office as this plant has strong protective energies. Apart from its good energy, the Snake plant also gives health benefits as it absorbs toxins and releases oxygen that lessens the presence of airborne allergens.

    Fortune Plant. No lucky plant list will be complete without the Dracaena fragrans or Corn Plant or more commonly known as Fortune Plant. These plants are thought to bring good luck to the area where they are located, be it in a home, bedroom, or office. It symbolizes perseverance and knowledge of our inner selves.

    Fortune Plant

    The Rubber Plant is called other names like Ficus elastica, rubber fig, Indian rubber bush, or rubber bush. It is said that plants with rounded leaves such as the rubber plant are associated with positive energy. Its ability to purify the air is also believed to help introduce balance to your living environment. The potted indoor rubber plant grows between 6 to 10 ft. tall and is perfect for small rooms or offices.

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