Love at first bite


    SUSHI bake, a deconstructed sushi roll, has become one of the recent quarantine food trends in the metro which inspired Salmon HQ to start its own version.

    Owner Queen Uy said in an online interview that they have tried a few sushi bakes when it began to blow up but turned out disappointed in terms of taste and quality.

    “So, we wanted to make our own spin on the sushi bake which will have premium ingredients and sold at affordable prices,” Uy said.

    Salmon HQ offers Crunchy California Sushi Bake, Aburi Salmon Scallops Ebi Sushi Bake, and Uni Scallops Aburi Sushi Bake. Each has different preparations, ingredients, and taste profiles.

    “We don’t scrimp on these as we want them to shine when they take their first bite,” she added as they aim to have that ‘love at first bite’ feeling.

    While it is quite challenging to source all the ingredients and components to make a single dish, “we were blessed with good suppliers who supported us through this time,” Uy pointed out.

    She also finds it very rewarding when their customers tell them they like and love the dishes and that they would re-order them for families, friends, and loved ones.

    The sushi bakes’ flavors and taste have been adjusted so customers will be given that rich yet light taste they don’t feel cloying about or tired of eating at their first bite.

    “We want them to love it and keep on digging in until they realize that they have finished the whole tray,” Uy said.

    The Premium Salmon Sashimi Cake contains a tasty mix of kani kama, ebiko, spicy salmon, chuka wakame and Japanese sushi – all assembled into a round cake.

    The store has a menu of salmon platter for small and big gatherings, as well as half salmon platters for smaller groups.

    “We wanted to offer something different when it comes to their salmon and tuna cakes – not just ordinary sweet cakes,” Uy said. It has to be something stunning, fresh, healthy, sweet and savory alternatives that will tickle the consumers’ taste buds.

    “We wanted to bring something new and beautiful to their dining experience and even in their own home,” she pointed out.

    Uy advised to just go head when one is passionate about something they really love to do.
    “You will enjoy it despite the hard work and heartaches,” she said, noting it will be very warm, happy and rewarding at the end of the day.

    Salmon HQ relates itself to a salmon, as it goes against the current, remains fresh all the time, and ensures each dish is a good catch, she said.