Local flavor goes global

    Couple Farwa and Ronnel Hombre brought Farron Café to rise above the expectations and competition in the coffee-on-the-go concept.
    Couple Farwa and Ronnel Hombre brought Farron Café to rise above the expectations and competition in the coffee-on-the-go concept.

    In a country where a cup of good coffee is a favored staple that’s enjoyed almost any time of the day, it is no wonder that coffee shops both big and small have gained scorching success over the years. Among the brewing bunch, one particular coffee franchise – Farron Café of couple Farwa and Ronnel Hombre – has risen above expectations and competition in the coffee-on-the-go concept.

    An independent homegrown business that proudly brings simple “Filipino” taste to affordable yet premium quality line of signature blends, Farron Café’s inspiring story is one that proves how genuine passion, sacrifice, grit and ingenuity can empower a business — from starting out small to growing successfully by leaps and bounds.

    Prior to establishing Farron Café, its founder and CEO Ronnel was a young self-supporting student who had to stop schooling to assume various jobs to help augment their family’s finances. The young couple came up with the frappe business as a means to finance their studies: Ronnel for his masteral degree and Farwa for her Nursing course.

    “The trend among students then, particularly within the university belt area in Manila, were frappucino drinks from an international coffee brand. When you are holding a cup, it simply meant that you’re ‘in’ but it’s really expensive for many students like us then who can’t afford it all the time. So we thought, ‘why not make a localized version of this drink at a much cheaper price?” recalled Ronnel.

    After several trial-and-errors and initial capital of only P50,000 – combined money that Ronnel and Farwa raised from a personal loan from a college professor and pawned jewelry – the first Farron Café branch, a food cart, was opened beside UE Manila in February of 2010.

    In just 10 years, Farron Café has become a familiar name and is making huge strides in many locations, serving up avid coffee lovers with value-for-money, unique and premium quality blends and other beverages.

    “Starting a business is difficult, and sustaining it is also a different story. You need to know how you can scientifically, professionally and systematically run the business. Knowing the parameters of your business, new strategy and new perspective then you can strategically grow your business,” said Ronnel.

    To fuel the company’s growth, the couple decided to start franchising their brand. However, with no prior experience in doing so, they decided to turn to franchise consulting firms for guidance.

    The Hombre couple made a short-list of franchise consulting firms. It was Francorp that stood out with its credentials of having big brands in the country, such as Jollibee, Hap Chan, Bench and Tokyo Tokyo, as its clients. They then knew that Francorp could make a big difference in their goal of expanding their brand to a wider reach.

    Apart from guts and creativity, the Farron Café CEO also attributed their coffee business’ success to their bold venture into franchising, and finding the right partner that provided them with strategies, systems, and insights that helped grow their coffee vending business.

    “From a brand of choice for frappé among budget-conscious students in the U-belt area, we are happy to see more and more coffee fans enjoying endless fills of Farron Café blends in many locations in the country and soon, internationally. We wouldn’t be able to gain this access to our target market through our franchisees without the help of Francorp,” he concluded.