Local disinfectant supplier thanks frontliners for their unwavering sacrifice


    AS a gesture of gratitude, local disinfectant supplier, Clean Folks, has recently made donations of professional-grade disinfectants to first-responders on the Covid-19 crisis battlefront and their families in an effort to help them strengthen the frontline in their own homes.

    Among the pioneer local distributors of industrial-grade disinfectants locally, Clean Folks has donated over 400 bottles of their disinfectant solution which uses a special blend of Quaternary Ammonium Compound to several checkpoints and hospitals in the southern part of the Metro. Recognizing the urgent need for sanitation supplies in the frontline for the fight against Covid-19, Clean Folks aims to serve and protect the local community by making disease management mechanisms more accessible to consumers as we ease into the ‘new normal.’

    Clean Folks co-founder Arthur Cantor said, “We want to give everyone a fighting chance when it comes to preventing further transmission of covid-19 and other infectious diseases, for that matter. As we navigate the unchartered territory of the new normal, we cannot underestimate what being fully equipped for disease prevention can do to our peace of mind.” Formulated to eliminate 142 types of harmful bacteria and viruses including coronavirus, Clean Folks is non-hazardous, non-carcinogenic, and eco-friendly.

    “We cannot emphasise enough the importance of avoiding complacency in infection prevention and control. When the enemy is unseen, precautionary measures become the very pillars of our defense against the pandemic,” says AFP Infectious Disease Prevention and Control Consultant and IATF member Dr. Melissa Turao-Agoncillo.

    Incepted with the goal of strengthening and securing the frontlines of every Filipino household and establishments alike, Clean Folks aims to bring globally-recognized standards of protection to the everyday Fillipino. Clean Folks’ mission is to minimize and reduce the constant risk of virus transmission by encouraging everyone to take proactive infection control measures.

    “As people are in arms to rise above this pandemic, we encourage everyone to take meaningful steps in whatever way they can to support the fight against covid-19. Our donation was our gesture of gratitude and support for the unwavering sacrifice of our frontliners and their families as well,” said Arthur Cantor.

    Clean Folks is happy to contribute free disinfectant solutions to organizations arranging a donation drive for frontliners and communities.