Liberating Filipinos living with diabetes from pain of fingersticks


    Abbott, a global healthcare leader, has announced that the FreeStyle Libre system, the world’s leading continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) technology, is now available for adults and children (ages four and up) living with diabetes in the Philippines, offering them more choice, and ultimately improving glucose control.

    A recent Abbott-commissioned ‘Diabetes Management Among Urban Filipinos’ survey has found that eight out of 10 people with diabetes surveyed believe that they manage diabetes ‘well’, but nine out of 10 respondents have high post-meal glucose levels greater than 140 mg/DL.

    To track their glucose levels, most Filipinos must endure multiple, painful fingersticks each day to ensure they are in a normal glucose range. The Abbott survey also reveals that finger-sticking during blood glucose mo

    Simple and discreet for those living with diabetes, the FreeStyle Libre system monitors glucose levels continuously, every minute through a small, coin-sized sensor worn on the back of the upper arm for up to 14 days – making it the longest-lasting CGM available globally.

    The FreeStyle Libre sensor measures glucose every minute in interstitial fluid through a small (5.5mm long) filament that is inserted just under the skin and held in place with a small adhesive pad. A quick scan of the sensor with a reader provides a real-time glucose reading and a detailed picture of a person’s glucose levels, without the need for painful, routine fingersticks or daily calibration, enabling meaningful lifestyle and therapy interventions with actionable insights.

    Dr. Michael Villa of the Philippine Society of Endocrinology and Metabolism said, “FreeStyle Libre’s technology offers a convenient and relatively painless option to get more frequent glucose readings. Compared to a conventional fingerstick method that gives a single glucose reading at just one specific point in time, this technology provides physicians with a comprehensive Ambulatory Glucose Profile and Time-in-Range to help make informed treatment decisions. It also gives patients actionable glucose readings and trends all through their day.