Letting colors speak


    For “Paint, Play, Pray”, visual artist Fitz Herrera intends the paintings he creates to add positive energies to the space they occupy. He believes that it is important to have inspiring and vibrant imagery in his paintings that can subtly encourage and influence the viewer in a beneficial way especially in this seemingly grim period.

    Fitz Herrera’s “Paint, Play, Pray” combines aspects of abstract expressionism with elements of impressionism played out in vibrant colors, rich textures and spontaneous energy that connects with his audience in an energetically positive way. Painting, for the artist, is an interactive experience that requires sensitivity; expressing the majesty and mystery, rest and play, beauty and truth, that are revealed through natural and spiritual realms.

    Herrera’s paintings emerge out of an enjoyment of the painting process. Materials and process guide how the work unfolds. The unexpected and serendipitous magic that happens when working this way brings immediacy and liveliness to his oeuvre. An abstract figure may evolve out of the simple process of playing with paints and materials. Herrera begins with certain constants and then tries to just let go — allowing the painting to speak for itself.

    Imagery for abstracts comes in a variety of ways – through the simplification of landscapes, through isolating one very small portion of a landscape where the colors or motion captured by the artist, or through images seen only for a flash of a second and especially through spiritual concepts from a higher being of belief.

    “Paint, Play, Pray” by Fitz Herrera will be on view from August 22 to September 6, 2020 at Galerie Joaquin Podium. The Galerie is located at Level 3, The Podium, ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City.