Let’s win this war

    When Covid 19 locked all of us in the confines of our homes, I realized that there were many things to be done in this place I called home. There were many items that had been kept which I do not use anymore. I started with my closet and found pairs of shoes that do not fit me any longer- some had become brittle and although still fashionable were almost dangerous to wear.
    Shoes are not about the only things it seemed I had an excess of.  There were clothes that were kept since I was in high school; computers and electronic gadgets still in their original boxes; and towels which had turned yellowish through years of non use.
    Decloging had become a must!
    Looking back and appreciating the material things that were so useful once upon a time, I saw that I had kept things that are no longer relevant for use nowadays.
    I looked at the “now” and what life can be like in the near and far future for all of us.
    Some forty years ago, words like “pasaway”; beauty queens being described as “fierce”; and the practice of introducing one’s self in social media were unheard of.
    Snapping of photos several times a day to post these in Facebook to announce “where one is at” were no longer in practice. The individual’s privacy was well protected and respected.
    Ordering of cooked food and online shopping were truly beyond one’s comprehension; and changes in living styles were certainly not how we thought would evolve into today.
    Today, during the start of the second decade of this century, a new way of living is being introduced to everyone.  We wear masks of various designs that would put Zorro’s mask to shame.
    We are, today, discouraged to “touch” each other – a new practice which is so contrary to our “beso beso” culture when our parents demanded that we greet our Titas and Titos with an endearing kiss and hug.
    We are ordered to keep at least one meter apart from each – the farther we keep away from one another, the safer we may become. That’s social distancing for you!
    One good thing I appreciate about our self-confinement is that there are less  vehicles in our streets.  There is less pollution.  Our skies are bluer and traveling on EDSA at a snail’s pace no longer exists.
    Everytime I open the television set, I always see crying by people who are having a hard time. I hear complaints galore from people who have nothing to eat. At times we are informed about people who have taken advantage of other people by committing crimes during this time of a pandemic.
    On the lighter side of life, I wonder about the effect of the new normal in the lives of people I know – people that had become dear to me.
    What will happen to the “ladies who lunch,” who attend fashion shows and affairs held in large ballrooms? Many of these ladies are “patrons of the Arts” and “sukis” to beauty salons, boutiques, and fashion designers.
    How will the upscale retired senior citizens cope minus their habit of attending reunions at least once a month? Seniors citizens look forward to interacting with people as they were just to busy during their productive years to do so.
    Where are Manila’s beautiful people who attend every ballroom affair almost on a daily basis? Gone are the days of big debuts, weddings, and fabulous parties hosted by people we describe as belonging to the g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s crowd.
    They say: “We are all down to the basics and that we are back to our elements.
    The problems Covid 19 has created have made us more innovative. As we must praise the Lord, we attend Church now through the computer. Meetings are held by zooming. And we are still “connecting with one another.” We all the more appreciate other individuals as precious beings even without physically seeing or touching each other.
    Covid 19 is a dangerous disease. It has changed how we practice living on this earth.
    Covid 19,  you have to agree, forces everyone to think positive. Thus,  let us win this Covid war if we must exist to the fullest !


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