Leading a busy life after retirement

    Alwin Bartolome values his post-retirement career that allows him to spread the benefits of life insurance to Filipinos.

    AFTER a 37-year career as a banker, Alwin Bartolome retired from the corporate world. But it didn’t take him long to realize that he needed to again fuel up his drive for action and passion for success.

    Alwin had worked as a high school and college teacher. From the academe, he later moved to the banking sector and worked as a relationship manager in the Bank of the Philippine Islands where he handled corporate accounts.

    For championing InLife’s mission to help Filipinos attain financial security, Alwin Bartolome is the company’s Top Group Producer for 2020.

    “Retirement is very boring if you came from the corporate world. With the invitation of Insular Life Baguio’s district sales manager Divine Sy, I tried becoming a financial advisor to make use of my extra time and make myself busy again, this time in the life insurance industry. I was inspired by the potential of earning unlimited income without time pressure,” Alwin said.

    His previous work as a banker and his network of contacts helped him in his current career as InLife’s corporate financial advisor in Baguio City.

    “It was not difficult to sell InLife’s Comprehensive Group Plan, a retirement product, because it is very superior compared to the retirement plans of our competitors. Of course, my experience and the relationships I built as a banker in the past, helped me build my confidence to sell our corporate products to my clients,” Alwin said.

     In his post-retirement profession, he spreads the value of being financially prepared for unforeseen events or for the inevitable retirement.

    Alwin explained that InLife’s retirement plan helps companies invest their retirement funds with a guaranteed rate. He added that the Group Hospitalization Plan helps employees in case of hospital confinement, while the Group Term Insurance provides benefits to the family of the insured in case of untimely death.

    For championing InLife’s mission to help Filipinos attain financial security, Alwin was recognized as InLife’s Top Group Producer for 2020. He received the same award in 2019.

    “Being the top group producer in 2019, I set my 2020 goal for a back-to-back achievement. And with God’s blessings and guidance, I did it again. It was a very difficult goal to achieve considering the social limitations, health dangers, and worldwide economic downfall due to COVID-19. However, there is nothing impossible for a man with a strong determination,” he said.

    InLife’s 110 years of uninterrupted service to the Filipinos will further move Alwin’s work as a corporate financial advisor to high gear.

    “It is inspiring to be part of an organization with a 110-year track record. No war, calamity, or pandemic has stopped InLife from paying out claims or continuing its operations. I would mirror that kind of commitment and service to my clients,” Alwin said.

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