Knockout summer grills

    Crispy lechon
    Crispy lechon

    SOLAIRE celebrates its 7th Anniversary with the biggest barbecue event in town plus a spectacular drone show to light up the night.

    Solaire transforms its Pool Side area to a culinary globetrotter’s dream where the sizzling goodness of the world’s best meats are up on display. See the star-studded selection of over 55 international dishes from Europe, Middle East, America, South America, Australia, all the way to Asia.

    Europe displays Germany’s signature homemade pork sausage rings and crispy pork knuckles; Italian grilled beef skewers and pork belly, plus an antipasti station; and Spain’s grilled homemade chorizo, grilled mackerel and the popular paella valenciana. The Middle East highlights its famous kebabs from Lebanese chicken and prawn, Iranian lamb, and Arabian beef, with condiments and appetizers like the Tabbouleh salad plus hummus and babaganoush with Arabic and pita breads.

    The United States of America puts forth its Cajun-spiced prawns and 48-hour sous vide-cooked baby back ribs, with a Caesar salad station and a mouthwatering carving area that boasts a smoked USDA beef brisket with a gloriously delicious Kansas rub. Australia fires the sand pit to make perfect Blank wood smoked salmon while its barbecue grill is busy whipping out smoldering Australian beef sirloins and marinated piri-piri.

    On the other hand, South America waves with its exotic flavors in the likes of Peruvian chicken Churrasco skewers, anticuchos and stuffed flank steaks, as well as the crunch of tacos and nachos made from real, homemade corn tortillas.

    Asia powers through with a strong line up of dishes starting with the Japanese chicken yakitori, grilled miso-marinated salmon, and grilled mochi cake, plus an assortment of sushi and sashimi; there’s also Korean grilled marinated beef, spicy grilled squid, and spicy chicken barbecue with added heat from authentic kimchi kinds; Thai garlic prawns; Malaysian satay ayam; Northern Chinese cumin lamb and China-style fish ball skewers, and roasted duck and pork. The Philippines’ champion dishes are not be missed with spicy lechon baboy, rellenong salmon, spicy Kaldereta made with smoked and peppered wagyu beef, and a kilawin station as a refreshing appetizer or zesty palate cleanser.

    Catch the best grilled meats from all over the globe happening on March 13 and 14 from 5PM to 11:00PM.