Kitsho welcomes the year with more dishes to enjoy


    After all the holiday partying, diners are now back to their healthy eating patterns. Kitsho meets this resolve with new dishes that not only prove to be healthy but are also very tasty.

    Like perfect vision, 2020 is a year that seeks perfection in everything, food included. With this in mind, Kitsho has concocted new options for the discriminating Pinoy palate. Using only the freshest catch and farm produce, the new dishes reflect the meticulous care and execution that the Kitsho F&B team has given to each and every dish they prepare.

    There’s the two-in-one treat Philadelphia Roll! That’s special tempura rolled in smoked salmon! Imagine yourself indulging in the crunchiness of tempura while enjoying the succulence of salmon at the same time. Some concoctions are what dreams are made of.

    Sushi lovers would particularly relish the Geisha Maki Roll. This is where marinated kamaboko salad becomes part of a fresh salmon roll. This a la carte option is priced at Php 788 (including VAT ) Simply divine!

    Diners, who particularly love sushi, could also opt for the Sushi Sando with tuna and salmon marinated in spicy Aokakesu spicy paste for that mouthwatering zing. The marinade simply brings out the natural flavors of both tuna and salmon which gourmets will easily discern.

    Seafood aficionados would delight in the Milky Way Roll. The dish may have an intergalactic name but all the deliciousness of marinated tuna and salmon are all wrapped up in slices of squid. That’s seafood heaven in a single plate.

    Salmon sashimi salad is given a new twist when marinated salmon is drenched in a special spicy dressing and served in a plate of ice. The coolness assures diners that all the moisture and juiciness are all intact. This new dish is priced at Php 898 (including VAT )
    All these new dishes makes the Kitsho menu much more extensive as it is. Diners can still enjoy their other favorites like the yakimono options, bento boxes, tempura, sukiyaki and hotpot, meat dishes, sushi, and a whole lot more.

    Kitsho Japanese Restaurant & Sake Bar is managed and operated by MCK Millennium Foods, Inc. and is conveniently located at the ground level of Hotel Jen Manila, right across the sprawling CCP Complex, along Roxas Boulevard’s sunset strip on the historic Manila Bay area.