Keeping well while staying home


    TO ease the challenges of staying home, here are several ways to keep busy and make the most of the quarantine period:

    Establish new routines. Planned activities may include attending to daily chores, having free time for hobbies and games, and completing simple home projects such as scrapbooking, decluttering, and home gardening. This is also a good time to give your pets extra attention and grooming.

    Sandari Batulao Tagaytay Nasugbu Batangas Retirement PropertyReboot your health. Eating on time, getting enough sleep, and moving your body daily are particularly important these days to keep our body strong and healthy. Make use of those exercise machines and free weights, or follow exercise videos available on YouTube. Check out fitness groups that offer live videos of easy to do exercise routines. Stay connected. Make use of your time to take comfort in relationships and find hope in art, music, and books. Fight boredom and feelings of helplessness by taking time to talk to friends and family. Extend help to neighbors, and donate to institutions that are caring for frontliners.

    Having a sense of accomplishment can help you rationalize our current circumstances. It’s also good to remember why staying home and taking a break from outdoor activities is a great way to keep the virus from spreading. By keeping healthy physically and mentally, we are contributing to the efforts to flatten the curve and ease the burden of our medical institutions.

    Sandari Batulao in Nasugbu, Batangas (15 minutes from Tagaytay) is a real estate development that promotes the maintenance of healthy physique for a quality of life that allows one to EAT, MOVE, and SLEEP. Sandari Batulao’s scenic mountainous view and lush greenery are most favorable to some activities related to self-care. For inquiries, please email us at  For more information on Sandari Batulao, please check, Sandari Batulao (Official) on Facebook, and Instagram.


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