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    Keeping things pure by contactless procedures

    Sanitation concerns in the ongoing pandemic calls for ‘contactless’ procedures—that is, human touch at barest minimum during transactions whenever possible. This prevents the potential spread of the virus through human hands.
    It makes sense that this same norm should also be applied in the production of packaged goods we buy, especially in something as essential as bottled water. -Cola Philippines has guaranteed that Wilkins Pure is untouched by human hands. A state-of-the-art and fully-automated production line helps ensure that every bottle is safe and free from harmful contaminants unseen to the naked eye, and is at peak quality for your daily hydration needs.
    It doesn’t stop there.  Every bottle of Wilkins Pure undergoes all of the 7 stages of purification — micro-filtration, multi-media filtration, carbon filtration, polishing filtration, reverse osmosis, UV treatment and ozonization. Such a thorough process ensures high quality water that is pure to the last drop.
    “We know how important water is for our daily health and hydration. But in these times of uncertainty, we also know that the last thing consumers need to worry about is what bottled water to buy,” says Teejae Sonza, Marketing Director of Coca-Cola Philippines. “With Wilkins Pure, they can be assured that what they’re buying is internationally certified safe and free from unseen contaminants, giving them peace of mind knowing what they are drinking is indeed pure and good for every day consumption.”


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