Keeping the smart TV safe


    Smart devices have become such common household items that in the near future, having a fully smart home will be the norm rather than a mere luxury. But with developers rushing to release buzz-worthy gadgets to the market, security features sometimes take a backseat, leaving them vulnerable to threats, like data exfiltration and cyber breachers.

    The privacy of Smart TVs has recently been highlighted, with reports in the United States that some TV manufacturers have a backdoor ‘security flaw’, placing user’s data at risk. To prevent such attacks, Samsung employs the latest cutting-edge technologies and layers of security to ensure the best possible protection for sensitive user data.

    The company guarantees that their Smart TVs have no security-bypassing backdoors left open to any form of cyber-attack with its 3-Stage Model Security Care Service Solution.

    The Service Security Stage is the first layer of security for 2020 Samsung Smart TVs. In this stage, intruders cannot attack a user’s network as it blocks phishing sites on the Internet from accessing devices where the data are stored. An added security bonus is that this layer of security detects any form of intrusion from malicious codes.

    In the Platform Security Stage, important data – such as your user account and password information – is encrypted prior to its storage. The data stored remains protected when communicating with external servers to prevent hackers from stealing user information.

    This stage likewise detects and blocks any malicious apps and unauthorized files trying to access devices.

    In the Hardware Security Stage, information leaks are prevented by physically segregating operational spaces at the hardware level. A Smart TV’s operating system and services remain protected so the device can boot safely.

    In this day and age, cybersecurity terrorists are merely waiting for the opportunity to pounce and attack on vulnerable devices and platforms. While such threats may seem scary, Samsung’s independent, reliable, and powerful Security Care Service ensures that no vulnerability is left out in the open