Keep healthy, productive while working from home


    UNDER the enhanced community quarantine, many companies have been quick to adapt to a work-from-home arrangement for their people to ensure their safety and to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the country. Authorities have likewise compelled the public to stay indoors as much as possible.

    The sudden shift from an upwardly mobile lifestyle to one that is more restrained may have adverse effects on some. Which is why BPI-Philam recommends maintaining a good balance between work and play, ensuring people stay healthy and productive while working from home, and with some health and life insurance coverage. Here are some helpful tips that one can follow:

    Eat and drink healthy. Eat nutritious meals and take vitamins before working to help boost energy. Stock up on nutritious snacks. Fruits and vegetables strengthen the immune system.

    Take a break. Working from home can also be overwhelming. Get some fresh air from time to time. To avoid burnout, try to squeeze in some activities in between, like watering the plants or cleaning up the desk.

    Follow a schedule. Set a schedule and make sure work gets done within eight to nine hours, following usual working hours. Refrain from working 24/7 to maintain mental health. Set some boundaries with clients and co-workers.

    Stay insured. During this time of uncertainty, one of the best things to do is to secure your  future. Choose a health and life insurance plan that suits your needs so you can protect your loved ones from unexpected setbacks.

    Be prepared. Why is there a need for health and life insurance? “The cost of medicine, laboratory tests, and medical procedures are not immune from price increases, and it is even increasing at a faster rate than inflation. That’s why it is important to have a source of funds in case an unexpected medical emergency happens,” explained BPI-Philam Chief Executive Officer Surendra Menon.

    BPI-Philam, for example, is offering Critical Care 100, a comprehensive health and life insurance plan that gives one-lifetime health protection from up to 100 critical illnesses until age 100.

    To understand how one will benefit from this, BPI-Philam breaks down its features:

    Critical Illness Coverage until Age 100. Receive a cash benefit to help you recover from any of the covered illnesses.

    Life Insurance Coverage. Protect your family with a life insurance benefit should anything happen to you.

    Protection Boost. Add more benefits to your plan for a more comprehensive coverage.

    Cancer Booster. Receive an additional cash benefit should you get diagnosed with any of the covered gender-specific cancers (e.g., breast cancer, prostate cancer).

    Recovery Benefit. Get a recovery income that’s payable for five years after a diagnosis of a critical illness.

    Payor’s Benefit for Death and Disability. If you get a plan for your child, you don’t have to pay for the remaining premiums should anything happen to you or if you get totally and permanently disabled before 60 or before the child turns 25.

    “These simple health and productivity tips, including insurance, can help any Filipino become more secure. Getting insurance is still possible since companies like BPI-Philam now offer online consultation,” said Menon.