JOURNEY TO ZERO, Fashionable strides towards sustainability


    It’s the dawn of a new day for fashion. An industry where excess and profusion once thrived, the sartorial scene is now making a U-turn and listening to the call of sustainability.

    Pioneering this new chapter locally are proudly homegrown brand, Bayo, and its sister organization, Bayo Foundation. With the joint goal of encouraging the modern Filipino to make smart, sustainable fashion choices and uplifting local craftsmanship, the Journey to Zero campaign was created.

    Louie Lagon, Managing Editor of Bayo Foundation, admits that the Journey to Zero initiative was planted by the seed of self-awareness. Lagon shares, “We realized that we’ve been accumulating so much waste and contributing so much to the problem of pollution.”

    However, along with this realization came the opportunity to spark change. “We also realized that we had a greater capability to be part of the solution,” Lagon explains.

    “That’s when we really began to think about ways we can work to address these problems, and that’s where the Journey to Zero campaign began.”

    Every step of the campaign is centered on achieving a sustainable approach to fashion: from spreading awareness on the growing need for sartorial consciousness, to designing zero-waste collections for the Filipina consumer.

    Earlier this year, Bayo took a major step in this direction by launching a collection made completely of upcycled and hand-woven fabrics in collaboration with renowned fashion designer, Francis Libiran.

    With the designer’s trained eye and understanding of Bayo’s aesthetics, each comfortable, sophisticated piece was created without generating waste. With the desire to weave sustainability in every piece, reducing of textile waste was considered as the eco-fashion aspect in this special line: fabric scraps were turned into reusable fabrics or items. These upcycled weaves were then converted into stylish pieces and wearable clothing.

    “While bearing sustainable fashion in mind, the design inspiration of the collection revolves around the idea of introducing consumers to fashion that is not only for cultural purposes, but also for everyday living,” Libiran shares. “The collection plays with the combination of different colors and patterns that resemble Filipino textiles with modern silhouette which will fit every Filipino.”

    Moving forward, Bayo and Bayo Foundation will be collaborating not only with fashion designers, but with local communities as well.