Job hunting made easier


    In a bid to help Filipinos combat unemployment as many businesses have been forced to close due to the devastating public health crisis, APPScape Corp. (APPScape) is introducing its newest employment app LapitJobs.

    Ralph David Du, LapitJobs founder and chief executive officer, said that this brand-new location-based recruitment platform is a unique Filipino-made product which will assist applicants in their search for a better, more suitable, closer and safer work during and beyond these times.

    Jobseekers need to download the app and register. Once activated, they can turn on the location, then look for and select their preferred job type and distance. They can also check their Net Pay and Quality of Life Factor Score.

    “Our app starts with a map rather than a word-filled user interface,” Du said. At present, it has about 200 listed jobs as well as 350 applicants nationwide. About 1,000 openings nationwide are being eyed at the end of this year.

    In the app, LapitTauhan features a comprehensive applicant management dashboard and helps employers find the nearest available applicants for them, while Tambayan allows experts to share tips and stories.

    Using the platform and the culture built over the years, APPScape will continue to develop a software in a bid to elevate everyone’s quality of life at their own place, time, and fingertips.

    The app was designed to fit the employment procedure for the new normal lifestyle.