JESSICA launches Spring/Summer Collection 2020


    To celebrate the arrival of 2020, JESSICA presents a romantic adventure in Italy through the creation of the Spring/Summer fashion collection, inspired by the magnificent gardens in the capital of artistic masterpieces from the Renaissance period and mythology.

    Praised as the capital of art, Florence is the origin of the Renaissance. In particular, Flora, in a floral dress, standing next to the goddess Venus, must be the most appealing figure to fashionistas. For this reason, JESSICA wishes to incorporate the aesthetic of Flora as a blessing for all modern women who are passionate about fashion and life to begin this new decade.

    Paying tribute to the “New Look” full dress launched by Christian Dior in the 1940s, this season’s new dress silhouette is designed to have a higher slim fit waistline and fuller hem.

    Numerous flowers in the gardens flourish across Spring and Summer, including hibiscus, iris, lily, poppy, viola, bougainvillea, daisy and rose, to name a few. They intertwine with the delicate trees, inspired the plentiful natural motifs in the Spring/Summer collection. The charming motifs are skillfully realized on luxurious fabrics of tweeds, lace, organza, chiffon and more.

    The main hues for the entire Spring/summer collection surround Florence’s dreamlike sunset pink palette, decorated with rose pink, rosewood red, bright red and peachy orange, Also, stark contrasts between neutral black and white, similar to background of an oil painting, elevates a classy look.

    This season, delicate thoughts are devoted to lace patterns. Such as long sleeve black/white guipure lace bodice pleated maxi dress, its artful patterns mirror the artistic stained glass of the Florence Cathedral. An ivory dress embellished with apple green/yellow poppies on two sides, adorned with crochet lace replicates a subtle honey hive.

    Inspired by elephants, zebras, giraffes and more, ornamented with motifs of tropical plants and variety of geometric shapes, is a colorful print on a belted wrap midi dress, accentuating the vibe of a summer vacation.

    JESSICA wishes to bring Spring/Summer collection 2020 full of vintage and contemporary aesthetics, allowing fashionable ladies to reinterpret her own Flora style of beauty in the modern time.