Infrared treatment in luxury


    As hotels and resorts begin to open their doors to travelers, several key hospitality venues are taking steps by which they can help their guests feel safer and healthier. Anya Resort Tagaytay managed by AHG, one of the leading hospitality hubs south of Manila, is taking the lead by bringing in a revolutionary wellness device: France’s Vital Dome.

    “We are proud to play a part in Anya’s commitment to giving its guests safer and healthier staycations through our Vital Dome and other innovative solutions,” says Katherine Alejar, CEO and Chief Innovator for i3, the Vital Dome’s exclusive distributor in the country. “Anya is the first resort in the country to bring in this healthful technology and we hope that other hotels and resorts will follow suit.”

    Guests who wish to try the latest addition to Anya’s fitness and wellness amenities can try it out at the resort’s Niyama Wellness Center as a standalone treatment. Use of the Vital Dome are included in future suite and staycation packages to give patrons the experience of a truly relaxing and rejuvenating stay.

    Patented and manufactured in France, the Vital Dome uses Far Infrared Rays (FIRs) generated by carbon panels within the device. Unlike traditional saunas or massage machines, the Vital Dome’s FIRs penetrate deep into the skin, accelerating regeneration on a cellular level as it safely raises the body’s core temperature.

    This enables the body to sweat out toxins and other impurities as a way to stay healthy and keep infections at bay. Likewise, the regenerative action of the FIRs reduces internal inflammation which, in turn, helps in long-term pain management. It is also instrumental in healthy weight management and body shaping.

    The wellness machine is no stranger to the hospitality industry, as numerous hotels and spas across Europe now offer it among their health, wellness, and aesthetic amenities.

    Among those that already have the Vital Dome in place are the Hotel Prince of Wales in Paris, the Hotel Barriere Le Royale in Deuville, and the Hotel Sassongher in Badia BZ, Italy.