Incisive CT installed at Callang General Hospital 


    Royal Philips, a global leader in health technology, recently installed the first Philips Incisive CT (computed tomography) in the Philippines at Callang General Hospital and Medical Center in Isabela.  The Philips Incisive CT helps imaging departments and healthcare organizations meet their most pressing financial, clinical and operational goals. Driven by advances in image quality, radiation dose management and clinical applications, CT has become one of the cornerstones of imaging and radiology departments.

    The Incisive CT integrates innovations in imaging, workflow, and lifecycle management, helping healthcare providers to improve the CT experience for patients and staff, enable smart clinical decision-making and increase efficiency. With its industry-first “Tube for Life” guarantee , Philips will replace the Incisive’s X-ray tube – a key component of any CT system – at no additional cost throughout the entire life of the system, potentially lowering operating expenses.

    “Today, a CT system is much more than just an advanced diagnostic tool. Our new CT Incisive portfolio provides not only clinical answers but also considers the Total Cost of Ownership for hospitals and investors over the economic life of the equipment. This enables predictable and affordable cost of operating with guaranteed uptime performance addressing the operational challenges that today’s healthcare organizations in Philippines face,” said Ashwin Chari, country manager, Philips Philippines. “Incisive CT combines a unique range of innovations that enables hospitals to deliver on the quadruple aim of enhancing patient experience, improving health outcomes, lowering the cost of care, and improving the work life of care providers,” he added.

    “We are very pleased to announce the installation of the Philips Incisive CT.  Technology such as the Philips Incisive CT helps reduce the expenses of the patients and the hospital as it reduces scanning time, meaning a shorter time for diagnosis and decrease in repeat scans,” said Dr Stephen Callang, Chairman and CEO at Callang General Hospital & Medical Center. “This innovation is part of our mission here in Callang General Hospital which is to provide affordable quality patient care and outstanding patient satisfaction. It is our hope that in this way, we can help more people and save more lives,” he added.

    Advances in workflow on the scanner and console, as well as the reading room, help improve the patient and staff experience through every step of the scan.