In pursuit of prosperity


    SUN LIFE Asset Management Company Inc. (SLAMCI) brings back “Make It Mutual,” its successful education campaign, to encourage more Filipinos to make mutual funds their choice of investment as they strive to achieve their financial goals.

    Mylene Lopa, Sun Life chief marketing and client officer, said for the second season of the campaign, SLAMCI aims to engage viewers through relatable contents just like what it previously did. It hopes to encourage a long-term mindset among the youth since investing takes a long time to benefit from.

    “We would also like them to shift from being too yolo and too short-sighted, and to have a long-term view so they can enjoy the future as much as they are enjoying the present,” Lopa said, urging individuals to commit to a financial journey and start as early as now.

    “We launched this campaign…because we really felt that we needed to democratize investing in the country,” she said. Actor Matteo Guidicelli has been its brand ambassador.

    “We want to make everyone an investor,” Lopa said, as the company hopes to change the notion that investing is reserved only for the old, rich or investment savvy.

    The campaign explains in simple terms the concept of investing in mutual funds and how one can benefit from it. Lopa said the company created a series of videos featuring Matteo talking about the concept of mutual funds in terms that are familiar to the younger generation.

    “We used a lot of metaphors and related investing in mutual funds to traveling, fashion and going to the gym,” she said, adding the company debunked the myths and misconceptions that investment is complicated.

    The campaign’s results were positive and the number of millennial investors grew year on year by 60 percent in the year the company launched the campaign.

    Lopa noted the huge market potential for mutual funds as individuals typically say they invest in property, real estate or bank thru time deposits.

    “There are a lot of investment options like mutual funds that are not known to many people. Relative to the amount of pesos in time deposits, the amount one will find in mutual funds or unit investment trust funds is much lower,” she explained.

    She said the mutual fund assets under management are growing over the past few years.

    “This tells us that with effort we are really opening the minds of Filipinos to this investment option,” Lopa related.

    If one’s money could earn decent interests from a time deposit, the potential to earn from mutual funds can be much higher, she pointed out. “These are historical returns we have been able to deliver,” Lopa said.

    The goal is for Filipinos to be aware of many other financial instruments they can tap to grow their hard-earned money. The company’s number of investors grew to over 140,000 unique investors, with some having multiple investment accounts.

    According to Lopa, a third of the company’s investors are millennials. “The younger generation is now becoming more financially aware, more financially responsible and hopefully, starting to prepare better for their future,” she said.

    Sun Life regularly conducts researches to get the pulse of its consumers.

    “We are here for the long-term because we know that this is a slow burn; it is not overnight that we can change the mindset and behaviors of people,” Lopa said.

    “We are really keeping at this effort of Sun Life no matter if the progress is not as fast as we wanted it to be. We really keep at it because we see encouraging results and we are here for the long haul,” she added.

    The company has noted some changes happening, making this a crucial time to sustain the momentum and keep introducing initiatives that will encourage the younger generation to invest.

    “Not only is the younger generation starting to invest more, even the middle-income earners,” Lopa said, attributing this to digital technology which has become “a real enabler.

    It has opened up their access to information as well as transaction.”

    SLAMCI manages 10 peso-dominated funds and five dollar-dominated funds which are offered through a wide distribution network of over 2,500 licensed mutual fund advisors nationwide, 10 bank partners, six brokers and one online channel.

    SLAMCI remains to be the largest non-bank affiliated asset management company in the country, with about P80 billion in assets under management as of January 10, 2020.