How ultrasound can enable better COVID-19 patient management


    STUDIES have shown that lung ultrasound for COVID-19 patient management could provide care providers with a safe and efficient alternative for diagnostic imaging, other than CT.

    Ultrasound is considered to be one of the most important technologies to improve access to care in limited-resource settings. Its role in improving emergency medicine is very important as it is a first-line diagnostic tool.

    In the Philippines, the need for a more accessible imaging modality will help in diagnosis and treatment management. Royal Philips recognized this need and have mobilized its handheld/portable ultrasound systems to assigned COVID-19 referral centers to equip our front liners.

    As ultrasound devices are portable, these devices can be brought to the patient rather than bringing the patient to different rooms in the hospital to get scanned. By lessening patient movement, this also reduces patient exposure to other patients and healthcare professionals.

    These devices can also be easily disinfected. This allows for more patients to be scanned in a shorter time period, thus making healthcare procedures more efficient.

    They offer a user-friendly experience for care providers. With this type of diagnostic imaging process, there is no need for site planning as ultrasound devices are often a plug-and-play devices. It requires only basic ultrasound knowledge.

    “Now more than ever, it is important for us to find healthcare solutions that will help our medical frontliners provide the best care for patients affected with COVID-19. We are championing the benefits of ultrasound in the safe management of the outbreak, as these solutions could help us give the best care to patients while protecting our frontliners in the fight against COVID-19,” said Ashwin Chari, country manager, Philips Philippines.

    “Philips is acutely aware of the risks, stresses, and challenging conditions healthcare providers globally are facing in response to the COVID-19 crisis. At Philips, our top priority is supporting healthcare professionals and patients during this difficult time.”


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