How to be a work-from-home all-star


    AS most Filipinos have been working from home and staying safe indoors for a little over a month, it’s important that we continue to prioritize our health and wellness.

    It goes without saying that sleep is a big deal. Studies have shown that sleep deprivation can accumulate over time and result in a deterioration in alertness. If you’re struggling to stay focused during the day, consider napping – for additional sleep related benefits. Shorter naps of between 15 or 20 minutes offer a variety of health benefits from increased alertness, better endurance and increased creativity

    Our lifestyles have changed during this time and this can lead to stress and anxiety. Research has shown that deep breathing can actually lower blood pressure, reduce stress and lessen anxiety.

    Fitbit has introduced a new feature called Relax, available on various Fitbit devices such as the Charge 4, Charge 3, Versa series, and Inspire HR. The feature helps you find moments of calm in the day with a personalized guided breathing session based on your heart rate. Each session is personalized by using your real-time heart rate to measure your heart rate variability and determine a comfortable breathing rate for you.

    Staying energetic while working from home can be challenging. While getting a good night’s rest and exercising regularly can contribute to productivity – eating the right foods is equally as important. Make sure you consume the right balance of protein, fiber, healthy fats, fruits and vegetables and stick to meal and snack times to avoid overindulging.

    Eating healthy is only one part of the equation in staying fit. Research has shown that people who work out in brief intervals throughout the day, get many of the same health benefits as those who work out for longer. A great way to combat all the stationary time at home is by doing little bursts of exercises to strengthen your muscles and improve flexibility without breaking a sweat even while you’re reading emails or on a conference call.

    It’s no secret that staying hydrated is important to your health. Hydration can give your metabolism a boost, lubricate your joints, control your body temperature and combat lethargy.

    By keeping oneself healthy and strong, it allows people to continue working productively as well as keep the virus at bay. The lockdown has disrupted our normal day-to-day activities but there are still several ways to stay healthy and productive during the day.