How makeup can boost your mental wellbeing


    When one talks about makeup, some people get the notion that it can be superficial. However, to some, makeup is actually a good way to take care of their mental health, allowing them to discover another version of themselves through a fun and creative outlet.

    As people spend most of their time indoors, they often find themselves with ample time to learn new habits and skills. This includes picking up one new makeup trick or two, as they do their meditative makeup sessions. By experimenting on different looks, blending, and mixing, they can immerse themselves on a personal creative journey which can help them cope better in overwhelming situations.

    With this in mind, Bobbie Cosmetics has rounded up five best ways how makeup can be good for your mental health.

    You’re in control of how you look. When dealing with challenges in life, sometimes we feel like we’ve lost dominance on the factors surrounding us. But when engaging in a creative activity as simple as putting makeup on, we regain this sense of control knowing that it is our hands and our brain that get to decide what we want best for ourselves.

    It a good expression of self-love. Makeup is a great tool to enhance one’s natural beauty. Instead of having it as something to cover your flaws, it can be a good friend that complements the beauty that you already have. So, just by adding a pop of color on your cheeks to make you look more flushed, or swiping a lipstick that tells your mood for the day, makeup is a good way to boost your self-esteem as you enhance the beauty that already exists in you.

    It’s a good break. Even if people are mostly stuck indoors, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have errands to think about. Some may be working from home, and some may be busy pursuing their studies online. That is why doing meditative makeup sessions can help! By dedicating a “makeup me time”, you can pamper yourself to be artistic and playful with different looks. It can be a good time-out from your usual daily routine and is also a great creative exercise for the brain.

    It’s a liberating experience. Wearing makeup is more than just a physical experience for many women and other beauty enthusiasts. And, with all the things we need to think about every day, sometimes all you need is to face a mirror, do a little beauty ritual, and immediately, gain an internal sense of accomplishment. We can have a bad day and pull off a great look at night and still, feel a little better about ourselves.

    It allows you to thank your skin for what it can do for you. Makeup only enhances the beauty that exists in you. And you cannot apply makeup were it not for the skin that allows you to take on this process. Beyond every emotion, makeup, after all, is about feeling comfortable living in your own skin.

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