Homeownership remains a priority for Filipinos


    A trusted and reliable platform when it comes to housing services, Ohmyhome believes that every Filipino deserves to own a home that they can eventually pass to the next generation and serve as an investment that helps them build their wealth. One of the company’s primary objectives is to help customers reach this milestone with ease by providing a wide range of property listings in an easy-to-use platform, complemented by comprehensive agent services.

    Race and Rhonda, co-founders of Ohmyhome, are likewise anticipating a boost in real estate activity this year, noting that forecasts for Philippine real estate show a positive outlook for 2021.

    More than the interface, however, it takes pride in the way it conveys information to future property owners. Race explains, “Through our DIY platform and services, clients are given the chance to see and study properties for sale within their price range and preferred location. We inform our consumers on the appraisal potential, and even note problems or issues that could arise for every property they take interest in.”

    As Filipinos continue to prioritize home ownership this year, Ohmyhome will strive to offer better services. As Rhonda stresses, “The team is always working hard to improve our website and application. We want to give a more streamlined experience for property transactors on the platform. We will also be producing more content that will serve as helpful resources for app and website users.”

    The application can be downloaded via Google Play or the Apple Store, while the Ohmyhome website can be visited via any platform. Both the app and the site have user-friendly interfaces fit for prospective Filipino homebuyers.

    Ultimately, Ohmyhome wishes to assure its users that they can always trust its platform and rely on their commitment to help more Filipinos achieve their dream of owning a home.

    “When customers are familiar with every aspect of the property they are considering, they become better-equipped to reach an informed decision and get the most value from the home they plan to purchase.”