Helping the immune system this flu season


    As much as we love the rain, so do the bacteria and viruses, which cause common colds and flu. While these microbes are present all-year-round, the wet and humid weather are perfect hosts for them to lurk even more.

    Generally, there is no cure to common colds and flu, that is why prevention is the best approach to ensure that you do not contract the viruses, which cause these illnesses.

    For Dr. Marissa Romero, an obstetrician and gynecologist, as well as a wellness expert, keeping a healthy lifestyle is key to ensuring a healthy immune system.

    “We have some habits that we, especially women, need to change to ensure that our body, including our immune system, remains in its tiptop condition. And, while we are currently facing a global health crisis, it might also be the perfect time for a lifestyle change,” she added.

    Proper nutrition plays an important role in keeping your immune system healthy. While eating a well-balanced diet is important, it also pays to try a plant-based diet. Another way of ensuring that you get the nutrients from a plant-based diet is by consuming organic food supplements.

    For instance, Santé, a leading provider of premier organic health and wellness products, has Santé Barley. As the company’s flagship product, Santé Barley, is organic pure barley grass that is certified by BioGro, New Zealand’s leading organic certification agency.

    Keeping yourself active is also important. Dr. Romero noted that everyone is encouraged to exercise at least three to four times a week, regularly. But if you can do it every day, the better. For adults, daily exercise should be at least 30 minutes while an hour for kids.

    Staying hydrated is also important for your health and wellbeing. Dr. Romero recommends drinking eight to nine glasses of clean water every day. “It should not be sugary drinks, such as soda and other juices,” she added.

    Regular sun exposure is the most natural way to get enough Vitamin D, which is good for the bone and in maintaining healthy blood levels.

    Another important aspect that you need to know is the quality of the air you breathe. Make sure that the air circulates the area where you live, especially now that most of us are still advised to stay at home as much as possible.

    When you sleep, your body restores and repairs various functions–this is also the reason why you need to take a rest to help you fight common colds and flu. Every day, it is advised that you have at least eight to nine hours of sleep.