Helping teachers and learning creators grow and succeed on YouTube

    Dr. Eperenza, Joyce Pring-Triviño & Lyqa Maravilla

    YouTube recently held a one-day online training event called “Creator Day: Education”. The initiative is meant to equip teachers and learning creators with knowledge and skills to use YouTube effectively not just for education but as a livelihood opportunity since YouTube channels, as they grow, can be monetized.

    “There’s a huge opportunity in the learning space right now: it’s one of the fastest-growing areas on YouTube. People who have access to devices and the internet are finding ways to continue learning,” said Joy Kaung, Family and Learning Lead at YouTube APAC.

    Teachers and budding educreators should ensure that their content resonates well. They should choose a channel topic and build content that has an audience already out there.

    “Before you make your first video, you can use data to ensure an audience exists for it and it’s an audience you have a good chance of attracting,” Kaung explained.

    Then there’s deciding which format you want your content to be. Each format has its pros and cons and will ultimately depend on the creator’s strengths and available resources.

    Those who want to embark on the educreator journey may feel that expensive equipment is necessary to create good videos but Shanu Vij, Scaled Program Manager and South Asia Site Lead for YouTube Space, stressed that “it’s not always just about the expensive equipment.”

    Shanu pointed out that many smartphones are capable of taking good videos though she advised using the back camera instead of the front camera for better specs. And in the absence of tripods and lighting, one can DIY substitutes such as clips, flashlights, and taking advantage of well-lit areas in their homes.

    Once your videos are out, it is now time to look at analytics to see if your videos are reaching your intended audience.

    “Understanding your audience is key to planning future programming. Take a look at the following data both at the channel level and across content groups. The best way for you to use the algorithm to its fullest potential is to understand what your audience wants to see, find your areas of interest that match your audience’s passions, and then create content that sits right at that intersection because the algorithm follows the audience,” said Enrique Cuunjieng, Strategic Partner Manager, YouTube Creator & Artist Development – Philippines.