Healthy Japanese smoothies


    During this hot season, everyone needs cool and refreshing drinks to beat the thirst and heat, and fruit shakes and smoothies are among the popular refreshments.

    Sumuji, which aims to give customers a fun, healthy Japanese drink experience, is introducing Dorinku, a Japanese-inspired smoothie made of natural frozen fruit cubes without artificial flavorings that can be topped with chia seeds or popping bobba for health conscious customers.

    Dezato, on the other hand, is a Japanese dessert made of frozen fruit cubes suited for those who want milk and chia pudding mixed into it.

    It comes in different flavors such as avocado, mango, melon, strawberry banana, buko lychee, ube cheese, wintermelon, and lemon yakult among others.

    Part of its menu is Sandoichi, a Japanese-inspired toasted cheese sandwich infused with some of Sumuji’s signature frozen fruits.

    Sumuji opened branches in Legazpi, Albay and San Pedro, Laguna.