Heading for a bright new chapter

    MARCO ALFRED MOYA BENITEZ - PWU’s new president
    MARCO ALFRED MOYA BENITEZ - PWU’s new president

    The number seven (7) may indeed be a lucky number especially in the case of the Philippine Women’s University which, in 1919, was founded by seven Filipino women: Clara Aragon, Mercedes Rivera, Francisca Tirona Benitez, Paz Marquez Benitez, Carolina Ocampo Palma, and Socorro Marquez Zabellero.

    PWU is a non-stock, not for profit, non-sectarian private institution known for the diversity of its student population. It originally educated only women but since the 60’s has included men who now number a quarter of PWU’s student population.

    Last year, the university marked its 100th anniversary in a year-long celebration which ends this year (2020) as the Philippine Women’s University s-t-a-r-t-s its path towards its next one hundred years.

    A new PWU president was installed last weekend at the historical Manila Hotel. Marco Alfredo Moya Benitez is today’s PWU’s 10th president.

    Young, disciplined, energetic, and “with the times,” the university’s new president Mr. Benitez earned his Bachelor of Science in Management Engineering at the Ateneo De Manila University, and his Masters in Business Administration at the Ateneo Graduate School for Business.

    His passion for team sports – he was Team Manager for the Ateneo HS Basketball Team for several years and still coaches for the Alaska Summer Powercamp – is a reflection of his strong collaborative work ethic and commitment to the holistic development of the youth.

    Mr. Benitez also currently serves as president of the Unlad Resources Development Corp.

    With the many changes in today’s environment, PWU faces the challenges of a new century. With its rich heritage that is revitalized by dynamic leadership its future indeed looks brilliant.

    A message from the chairperson of the PWU Board of Trustees states: “Our university looks forward to the beginning of a new chapter in its history – one that is heralded with so much enthusiasm by the goodwill of the celebration of our past.

    “This new chapter is made even brighter by the installation of our new president, Mr. Marco Alfredo Benitez. We welcome President Benitez and his unswerving commitment to the mission of the University and the holistic development of its students.

    “With solidarity, let us celebrate a new chapter in PWU’s glorious history”.

    Congratulations to PWU’s new leadership; and Kudos to the seven women who “gave birth” to what PWU is today.