‘Halcyon Daze’


    Visual Artist Perfecto Palero aims to create art that intrigues and challenges his audience’s initial perceptions. The natural world and its organic textures, forms, and beauty are fundamental to Palero’s oeuvre. The artist is constantly fascinated in nature’s transient phenomena and enjoys using his art to attempt to capture a sense of those individual moments in time.

    Palero’s primary subjects for “Halcyon Daze” are flora and the things cherished by nature brought forth in shimmering light. His emphasis is on the natural form. The combination of pigment ink over the iridescent gold alters each image uniquely. Every painting is built up from multiple layers of acrylics, with the goal of creating an interplay of texture, reflectivity, and color. Palero has also started using gold hues due to the strength and vibrancy it brings to his works.

    The exhibition attempts to create a halcyon (calm, peaceful, undisturbed) space; to meditate, to listen, to make simple observations; and hopefully to obtain gratitude and guidance. The inspiration came about by the dance of light and shadows made by leaves, branches, and trees all gently moving with the wind that picks up when the golden sun is low and setting. Palero successfully translates images where, gazing into their unbound spaces, the viewers find themselves freer from the conditioned parameters of life and mind; on an unchartered transit beyond the familiar into a deeper domain and unlimited potentiality of Nature and the self.

    Perfecto “Buboy” G. Palero (b. 1980) is the President of Mustra, a Morong Rizal Artist Group. Last 2012, Best Western Premier F1 Hotel commissioned Palero, along with 3 other artists, to come up with paintings exclusively for the hotel. The commissioned artists delivered approximately a substantial number of paintings which are now on display in the hotel’s 243 rooms. A semi-finalist at the Metrobank Arts and Design Excellence (MADE) in 2010, Palero’s first solo exhibit titled “Summer Hues” at the Art Gallery of the Philippine Heart Center was awarded “Best Solo Exhibit” during the gallery’s anniversary in 2014.

    “Halcyon Daze” by Perfecto Palero will be on view from March 9 to 18, 2021. Galerie Joaquin U.P. Town Center is located at 2/F Phase 2 U.P. Town Center, Katipunan Ave., Diliman, Quezon City.