Guide to keeping clothes looking newer for longer


    Wear it well without wearing it out – that is the fashion philosophy shared by Electrolux, a leading global appliance company from Sweden, when it comes to clothes.

    FashionCare Ambassador Rajo Laurel, along with the FashionCare Council members Amina Aranaz-Alunan and Bianca King shared some tips and tricks to keep clothes in the best condition as long as possible. From washing to storing, these practical hacks will help keep your clothes looking new for longer.

    Acclaimed fashion designer Rajo Laurel shared that his number one rule when it comes to caring for clothes is to check the care label, which teaches you everything from the temperature, the kind of cycle and even instructions on drying, bleaching and ironing
    A staple in anyone’s wardrobe, the classic white tee is a great piece to build your wardrobe around. It’s easy to dress up and down, going from casual to business-chic. To keep your white shirt looking new, before washing, unbutton your shirt including its cuffs and collar.

    Check the label recommendations for care guidelines. Use a laundry detergent that contains bleach to really make your whites, white.

    Having colored pieces is a great way to make a look pop but they are also prone to fading faster than dark or white clothing. Sort your garments by color before doing the laundry.

    Bright clothes such as purples, reds and oranges can be washed together, so can bright blues and greens. Turn your garments inside out to minimize rubbing of fibers.
    Choose a low temperature and avoid hot settings that can cause fading. Denim is durable but to make them last longer, especially the colored and printed denims or anything with a deep indigo wash, you need to give them extra special care. The key to a long life is to wash at a low temperature and avoid over washing.

    It is best to deal with stains immediately. Soak or try to wash them off right away. For food and wine stains, Laurel shares that he uses salt and soda water on the stains before washing as these help to lift the stains. For ink stains, blot the stained area with alcohol using a clean cloth and rinse thoroughly. For coffee stains, first try using cold water through the back of the stain for 10-15 minutes

    The FashionCare Council members also shared that storage can play a role in keeping clothes looking their best. Model and actress, Bianca King advised people to keep their closets neat so you have a full account of everything you own and to know which items should be hung or folded. Laurel and Aranz-Alunan both mentioned the importance of using proper hangers

    When asked about effective and reliable ways of caring for clothes, the FashionCare Council agreed that the right washing machine can also help extend the life of your clothes – like the Electrolux UltimateCare 900 Front Load Washing Machine.