Gringo welcomes Holiday 2019 with new dish and food boards


    GRINGO, your friendly amigo and jovial host who loves food and fun, makes celebrations more memorable as he treats your family and friends with a muy delicioso party filled with a special new dish and two ‘Holaday Boards.’

    To prepare for the holiday season of 2019, Gringo has been spending lots of time in the kitchen to come up with dishes to make you come back for more! This time, Gringo is introducing his own version of Lechon Cubano.

    The Lechon Cubano, a slow-roast, Cuban-style lechon belly, is marinated with a special mixture of aromatics. It is perfectly crunchy and crispy on the outside, yet truly tender on the inside – somewhat like Gringo who has a soft spot for families and friends who gather together for a meal during the season of sharing.

    Drizzled with a special Chimichurri sauce, Gringo is offering the Lechon Cubano in different sizes: Chikito (for one), Pepito (for two to three) and Bendito (for four to five). This can also come in set meals with sides. But for office parties and potluck celebrations, make sure to get the Fiesta Pack which is good for eight.

    Celebrations are more fun with friends – especially those who also help in the kitchen! So Gringo invited over his friends Sancho and Buena to help him whip up this year’s Holaday Boards.

    Sancho, who loves his meat dishes, is serving his ‘Sancho Board’ featuring his new favorite – the Lechon Cubano. Meanwhile, their amiga Buena is sashaying in seafood realness with her ‘Buena Board’ that is highlighted by Tilapia fingers with Salsa Verde. Both Holaday Boards include a combination of Gringo’s bestsellers such as the Original Roast Chicken and BBQ Ribs. Each board also comes with four soft tacos, a platter of rice, side of nachos, and a pitcher of delightful house-brewed iced tea.

    Now, a feast with Gringo, Sancho, and Buena is not complete without sweets! The Holaday Boards, which can fill up four to six amigos, are served with a special limited-time only dessert that’s off the menu – the Ube de Queso.

    With a special dish and sharable food boards, homey ambience with friendly staffs, and accessible locations nationwide, Gringo is the ultimo destination of your next celebrations.