Great style, great food


    S Maison continues to showcase great style, and great food this time serving specialties from your favorite restaurants or delivering your desired items are delivered at your doorstep through its Drive Thru and Personal Shopper Services.

    The S Maison Drive Thru Service allows customers to buy and pick up orders without leaving their vehicles, through a designated pick up point in the area. You may call the restaurants directly to confirm your order or book your order thru deliver food Apps. Drive to S Maison’s designated point at Marina Way to directly pay the restaurants and collect your order.

    With this, you can enjoy the sumptuous dishes from Paradise Dynasty (8828-8333), Locavore (0917-8472747), Song Do Won Korean Restaurant (0927-7449988 / 091754000) or get your favorite coffee drink from Starbucks Reserve (8617-8078).

    S Maison’s Personal Shopper Service, on the other hand, allows customers to shop from the convenience of their homes and have their purchases delivered at their doorsteps through the MyKuya app.

    With this service, you can shop in style at S Maison’s fashion stores from the convenience of your home. Take flight like your favorite stars and grab the latest in retro Jordans from Titan 22 (7368-2496) or a hip street wears from Moressi (8771-1294), fashionable, powerful eyewear from Paris Miki (8772-2373), and your favorite beauty products from Shiseido (8772-1048).

    In accessing the MyKuya app, put Pasay, City as your location and look for SM icon. Pin the location at S Maison, input your preferred payment method and hit Request Now to match with MyKuya. Give your list to your personal shopper and have everything delivered at the comfort of your homes.

    S Maison continues to provide safe and efficient solutions for the benefit of its shoppers. For more information of these services, follow S Maison’s Facebook and Instagram accounts.