Going green while in quarantine


    Even before the pandemic, indoor plants have been an exchange of conversation of plant lovers in social media.

    But as people stuck indoors, it seems like everyone is trying to bring nature in by filling their homes with different mixture of plants and turning to urban home gardening.

    Whether one is a certified plant parent who wants to add new member to her growing collection, or an aspiring ‘plantito’ or ‘plantita’ looking for the first plant, the SJDM Green Hub exhibition in SM City San Jose del Monte offers almost all urban gardening essentials.

    Here, one can find a good variety of ornamental indoor and outdoor plants, hanging plants and succulents, as well as fertilizers, potting mix, decorative pots and pebbles for plant beautification to complete the green project.

    There are also many ways to create a green space at home by utilizing the window sill, tabletops, balcony, front or backyard, and even bathroom as a green space. Vertical garden can be achieved through hanging pots to create more spaces.

    Indeed, even those who don’t have large areas in their homes can always find an indoor plant to fit – all it takes is searching for the right houseplant.